Our Mission

Filling the gaps that exist in today’s education in new and innovative ways.


What we do

At PRIMED, we work with you and your organization to build a Learning Management System that reflects your organization and works for you to meet your needs. We also provide training on how to build courses, manage users, and monitor progress based on the latest educational research.

What is an LMS?

The role of a Learning Management System varies depending on the organization’s objectives and desired outcomes. However, the most common use for an LMS is to deliver courses or training programs and then track progress in meeting learning objectives. Typically, content is uploaded to the Learning Management System, which makes it easily accessible for remote learners. Think of a Learning Management System as a vast repository where you can store and track information. Anyone with a login and password can access these online training  resources whenever and wherever.

What is an LMS used for?

An LMS can be used for a variety of learning activities both in education and business. In a school setting, an LMS can supplement face-to-face courses or be used to provide fully online courses. It can also provide a place for instructors to collaborate and share resources. In business, an LMS can be used for employee training, orientation, and knowledge retention.