PRIMED for Higher Ed

Hybrid or Fully Online

PRIMED is easily customized to match your course structure. Courses can be organized by week or by unit with instructor set restrictions to allow access to certain materials only when desired. Courses can be designed to be used as a class website with a resource repository or they can have interactive lessons with embedded videos and other content.

Synchronous Online Lectures

With PRIMED you can hold scheduled online lectures with your students or use the online course room to hold office hours. Students can participate with a chat box or their microphone. Instructors can upload slides or share their screen. Lectures can also be recorded for later viewing.

Assessment and Grading

PRIMED has a built in grade book that also allows for the input of paper assignments or participation grades. Online quizzes and tests can be self-grading and submitted assignments can be graded on a normal point scale or with an instructor created rubric. Students can view feedback on assignments easily and resubmit assignments if permitted. Students can use the course dashboard to quickly view upcoming assignments.

Enrollment Management

With PRIMED, students can be organized into cohorts or groups to effortlessly manage enrollment. Courses can utilize a variety of enrollment methods and instructors always have control so changes can be made easily. At PRIMED, we will work with you to incorporate the appropriate enrollment settings for your organizations needs.

Backup and Copy Courses

With PRIMED you can backup and reuse your courses every semester. Courses or portions of courses can also be copied over into a new course. Grades can also be easily exported and download as a spreadsheet for additional security and record keeping.

Online Learning Experts

With PRIMED you always have an online learning expert to help you every step of the way and down the road. We will always be available with support and ideas at no additional cost. At PRIMED, student success is our primary concern, and we will work with you to ensure that success.