PRIMED for K-12

Course Management

PRIMED allows you to add or edit courses as needed for your district. Courses can be customized with unique header images. Course sections and units can be added and rearranged to suit the needs of the teacher and students. Teachers can choose from a variety of activities to build their course and post assignments.

Common Assessments, Benchmarks & SGOs

PRIMED makes it easy for teachers to administer and analyze common assessments, benchmarks and SGOs which frees up valuable time for more important tasks. These common assessments can also be easily shared between teachers to reduce time spent creating content.

Data Analysis

With built in statistics for tests and quizzes, teachers can quickly and easily determine difficult test questions, single out topics that need further instruction, and identify struggling students.

Supports Special Education

With PRIMED it is easy to provide special education students with IEP modifications that are seamless and invisible to students. Teachers can add user or group overrides to allow specific students extra time, extra attempts or a modified version of an activity or assessment. With the groups feature, IEP students can be viewed as a group when analyzing data to quickly check that they are meeting objectives. PRIMED also supports co-teachers and classroom aides by allowing multiple teachers or non-editing teachers access to one course so everyone can view and grade assignments. 

Manage and Control Content

Assignments and activities can be restricted so that only students in a specific group have access to them. Activities can also be restricted based on activity completion from a previous assignment. This controls the learning path students take and can be particularly useful if a teacher is out sick or if students are completing assignments at home. The ability to manage content in this way also allows teachers to create content ahead of time and prevent students from accessing it before they are ready. 

Immediate Feedback

Assignments can be setup to provide students with immediate feedback. Research indicates that students learn better and reflect on their learning when provided immediate feedback.

Peer Editing and Review

With the workshop activity, students can give and receive peer feedback on writing assignments and other visual presentations. Students can also be required to complete a self assessment of their work.

Distance Learning

With PRIMED it is easy to provide students on homebound instruction access to everything happening in the classroom. Special assignments can be given to just one or a few students to keep them on track while they are out of the classroom. PRIMED also makes it easy to assign work on breaks, over the summer, or on snow days.

Review Courses and Credit Recovery

With PRIMED you can create your own review courses and credit recovery courses which can save your district money. These courses can be self-directed and self-paced to allow for greater flexibility for students.

Parental Access

With PRIMED, parents can access their child’s course pages through guest access. Parents can view the content on a course page, but they cannot interact with it. This allows parents to view the course calendar and see upcoming assignments as well as the directions for assignments that have already been given.

Paper Savings & Time Savings

The average teacher uses four to six cases of copy paper in a single school year. If we could reduce that amount by removing the need to copy quizzes, test reviews, tests, benchmarks, final exams, rubrics and assignment directions we would reduce that number by over half. Tests and quizzes can be self grading, with the exception of essay questions, and grades are calculated automatically based on the point values the teacher determines.

Always Up To Date

PRIMED is rooted in Moodle, a robust learning platform that is supported by a worldwide community constantly striving to improve.

Online Learning Experts

With PRIMED you always have an online learning expert to help you every step of the way and down the road. We will always be available with support and ideas at no additional cost. At PRIMED, student success is our primary concern, and we will work with you to ensure that success.