Online Learning and Building a Sense of Community

Higher education as well as K-12  is moving increasingly online and educators need to quickly learn how to effectively teach in this new digital environment. Students tend to be less satisfied with completely online courses when compared to traditional courses and fully online courses also experience higher attrition rates. In 2001, Hara and Kling conducted a study of online courses and found that feelings of isolation were an important stress factor for online students. Continue reading “Online Learning and Building a Sense of Community”

How to make formative assessment effective online

Assessment Types

Summative assessment is the assessment of learning, while formative assessment is an assessment for learning. Summative assessments measure what the student has learned; formative assessment informs the instructor on how they are doing with their teaching and the student on their progress. The use of formative assessment is critical for the instructor to adjust their teaching and also to provide feedback for the student. Continue reading “How to make formative assessment effective online”